Night shift

Just spent the night at work getting verbally abused by an angry angry patient. Told me to “fuck off” a bit, told me I’m “very agitating”. Got called a “fucking cunt” before saying “you’re dead, you are so dead”. Only 2 other nurses on and we’re dealing with this maniac. I was so rattled at the time, swinging between anxious and furious. Kept thinking ‘why do I have to put up with this shit!’ as well as ‘it is still my duty of care to make sure he is ok’. Glad I still have an empathetic bone in my body after all these years. What a wanker though!! Sheesh!!

The recent goings on..

The beginnings of fruit mince pies baby! A Nigella recipe that I’ve made before but had n  recollection of how much booze was in there! It’s curing in a jar right now before going into tart cases. 

The dodgy Christmas tree is up (fallen from an olive tree in the back paddock). We weren’t sure about putting up a Christmas tree this year as William in full destructive mode at the mo but felt it was essential to get into the Christmas spirit. 

A chicken pie outta the oven. Wasn’t perfect but hot damn, magpie beers short crust pastry is never a disappointment.

A cheeky glass of champers in freo at the local brewery. Enjoy the small things right?

A mint green ceiling at a cafe

Lunch at gorgeous, tucked away hills location. Had just come off night shift so was a bit blurry but the setting was top notch.

Local art work. Love me some street art.

Squids enjoying a babycino.

Pork, blue cheese and pear burgers baby! A Jamie Oliver recipe. 

First ever attempt at a carved pumpkin. Being in Oz it’s not a big thing here but the kids certainly enjoyed the carving. 

Blood oranges and so forth..

One blood orange from our tree this year but she was a beauty..tasty too!

A cut branch of our plum tree..looks stunning despite it blowing over all the time

Brekkie with husband- first time kid free in a lonnng time! Freedom tastes amazing 😉

nd's duck ramen bowl- looks amazing tasted sensational 👌


God damn I made pies! I mean , I’ve made pie filling before but never the pastry. Maggie beers sour cream pastry. A good friend made us a pie when we’d just had our second baby. Delicious! Right so here’s the pies.


Cut lavender from the garden

Boys enjoying some watermelon 🍉

Scone batch:) didn’t have any cream so used ricotta. Bit chuffed they still worked

Loud and proud pansies

Just some moss on a gate 🤷‍♀️

The little things x

Channeling French

These are our Veggie market spoils from today. Doesn’t it look great? Makes me feel a bit smug too 😉

Most of the veg and the bacon will be going into a minestrone- husband makes a friggen mean minestrone!

The radishes I bought to try them the ‘French way’ which means they are halved, stuffed with butter and covered in salt. Quintessential French I reckon- and my word they were delicious. I drew the line at 6 because of the butter/salt content.

Had a thing for French cooking lately. And let’s get this straight- I am an average cook. I’m blaming this book for the current obsession

(Yes, that is a beer next to it)

It’s lovely. It’s about an American chef who moves to the French country side. She documents her cooking, recipes, renovations of a 300 year old house and of course all her relationships with the French.

It’s got lots of quintessentially French recipes. And I’ve actually tried quite a few! The braised chicken in white wine and mustard was stellar! Also tried the pear clafoutis and Swiss chard frittata.

Righto- I’m off to get another beer 🍻


I’m addicted to books. I love books. I need books. I’m not a voracious reader necessarily but I like to peruse the shelves, cock my head to read all sorts of spines, reach out and read blurbs and look at pretty covers. My husband reads quite a lot too. My mother is a devourer of books. Half her lounge is covered in shelves and it’s like my own personal library. My aunty is also a big reader and books are frequently swapped and lent and suggested. My mum is in 3 book clubs (including one that we are in together) so she can often recommend great reads (which is awesome, I hateeee wasting time and money on dud books).

I just finished two brothers by Ben Elton for book club which we all enjoyed. It was a good size at over 600 pages.

I went to a local second hand book shop today to try to find the mortdecai trilogy by kyril bonfiglioli which is meant to a bit of a cult hit. We couldn’t find it but I did pick up a Jo nesbo book which is meant to be a great crime thriller author. Not a genre I usually read but nesbo has been compared to steig Larson who wrote the millennium trilogy which I loved!






Two wee card books for H (he destroys paper pages at the mo) which are cute. I love buying books for him. I was awfully tempted to buy some roald Dahl and other classics but I refrained. I have started a list of books I want to read to Henry (for however long he will let me!) these include:
– roald dahls books! Any of course but my particular faves are the bfg, witches, George’s marvellous medicine and Matilda.
– stevensons treasure island
– the Indian in the cupboard by Lynne Reid banks
– charlottes web by e.b white
– just so stories by Kipling
– wind in the willows by Kenneth Graeme
– the chronicles of narnia by c.s Lewis
– the hobbit by Tolkien
– catcher in the rye by Salinger
– the magic far away tree- blighton
– Alice in wonderland by Carroll
– animalia by Graeme base
– journey into war by Margaret Donaldson
– the princess bride- William Goldman
– Adrian mole 13 3/4 by sue Townsend
– Harry potter by rowlings
– the belgariad by eddings
– red wall by Jacques.

That’s all in the list at the moment. I’d love some recommendations if anyone has any? For Henry’s list or to add to my own!!

Coral bay

We have just arrived home from a glorious week in Coral Bay. It’s about 1200 kms north of Perth- about a 15 hour drive. It’s warm in winter ( about 25-30 degrees c) and hot hot in summer. It’s home to the Ningaloo reef which is Australia’s largest fringing reef. It’s literally a few metres off shore. Wicked snorkeling!

A whole family tribe of us headed up with camper trailers and stayed at the caravan park. We shared the cost and hired a boat and the boys went out fishing a lot while folks, mums and kiddies stayed on the beach. Tough;)

My husband and my brother also did a dive with the whale sharks. They are amazing. They are amazing! They travel to Ningaloo every year to feed and grow up to 18 metres in length! I couldn’t go because of my knee- maybe next time. Cub and bro said it was amaaazing. They saw 5 whale sharks.

On the Thursday the fellas forwent the boat and we all did some four wheel driving out to a secluded place called oyster bridge. It’s a beautiful rock bridge spanning about 20 meters just a few steps off shore. Yes, it’s covered in oysters (we ate some, delicious!!) and the snorkeling was mint. It was great to have all of us together and seeing all the kids and bubs frolic on the beach.

I must apologise for the lack of photos- I forgot my point and shoot and I made the decision to leave my phone off ( so nice!) so hence the limited pics. Some peeps will forward me some so stay tuned.

Back to reality and grey/drizzly perth but Henry is glad to be back home I think (he got two top teeth while away) and a lovely home shower was bliss!!


Henry snoozing on the beach!